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Good sleep is something everyone wants,
but not a everyone gets. In fact 42%
of people don’t get enough sleep. Underlying
all the science, engineering and technology,
what Casper sells isn’t just a mattress,
it’s the promise of better sleep. The problem
is that getting a good night’s sleep looks
boring. How can we turn something passive
into something active and engaging?
Treat sleep like a sport. The pregame
to perfect sleep is the bedtime routine,
glorified through custom “pump down”
videos and Spotify playlists. The MVP
of this campaign is video, used to entertain consumers with a series of “zzzSports”
events. Engaging personality quizzes and informational articles drive traffic to the
Pillow Talk blog and Casper website.
Pinterest serves as an additional hub
for education and exploration to become
a champion sleeper.